Apple blogger Sonny Dickson has posted new images of a rumored new iPhone 5S color: graphite. He claims the new graphite iPhone will debut alongside the upcoming gold, black and white models. Apple repair shop mendmyi has also revealed new volume, power buttons and mute switches in the new graphite iPhone color.

Dickson has had a tremendous track record with leaks and news regarding Apple. He is also the same source of the iPhone 5C leaked color options on the low-cost model that surfaced last month.

iphone graphite gold

(image courtesy of mendmyi)

If all these leaks are true, we could see four new color options in the next iPhone 5S, and a variety of color options on the 5C. The two new models will probably be unveiled at the highly anticipated Apple event on September 10th. The new phones should be available on September 20th following the typical Apple release schedule.

The improved specs are common for an “S” type launch, but why all the color options now? Apple does look to being going out on a limb in order to bring new life to their product offerings with new colors. Other manufactures such as Samsung, Sony, and HTC offer a slew of colors for their flagship models, and now Apple now looks to do the same.

We’ve done a quick poll in the Gazelle office, and the gold and graphite colors are leading the pack for people who are buying the new iPhone, with the ladies preferring the gold iPhone over the graphite iPhone, but only slightly. What new phone color are you most excited about?

(image courtesy of Sonny Dickson)



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