As the world awaits Apple’s upcoming September 10th event for the latest iPhone, iPad rumors have been placed on the back burner – until now. Insiders previously said we’d see a new iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 at a separate Apple event in October, similar to last years iPad release cycle. The latest iPad rumors from Bloomberg state the new iPad will arrive at the September 10th event alongside the 2 expected iPhone’s (5S & 5C).

The rumor initially came from an “unnamed source” who told Bloomberg, “Apple plans to introduce new versions of its phone and tablet during its press event.” This news is consistent with a Bloomberg story from last week which claims both a phone and a tablet would be released at the same event in September. These iPad rumors don’t mention if we will see a Retina supported iPad mini or even a refreshed iPad mini.

The next generation of the iPad is said to have a similar look and feel of the current iPad mini. In a recent iPad 5 front panel leak from Sonny Dickson, the new iPad may look a lot thinner and sexier. As for the iPad Mini 2, analysts are still unsure if the smaller tablet will have a retina display. The latest rumors from the WSJ point to a retina packed iPad mini coming this fall.

new ipad

(image courtesy of Sonny Dickson)

Last week 9to5mac’s Mark Gurman, the often accurate Apple insider, claimed development of iOS 7 for iPad was running behind. Apple wants to make sure all the bugs and hiccups are taken care of before the actual release for iPad by releasing first on iPhone.

I think the iPad releasing with the iPhone in September is just a rumor, plain and simple. In fact, other recent rumors point to Apple delaying iOS 7 for the iPad because their focus is making sure it is ready for iPhone first. I still think the iPad will be released in October, late enough to test iOS7 but early enough to capitalize on the holiday shopping season.

*UPDATE: This iPad rumor has now been “officially” confirmed as completely false. Claimed Apple insider Jim Dalrymple who has a perfect track record on Apple predictions, gave his classic short response last night regarding the issue. Jim simply stated “Nope, No iPads” on his tech blog The Loop Insight shutting down the September 10th iPad launch.

via: MacRumors




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