The new Apple iPhone trade-in program has officially launched today at Apple stores across the US. If you’re an iPhone owner, you can take your used iPhone into an Apple store and receive a gift card for the purchase of a new iPhone.

At Gazelle, we’re excited that Apple is joining us in helping consumers sell their used iPhones. Not only does Apple’s entry help more consumers access the latest technology, we’re also thrilled about the benefits to the environment as more iPhones are recycled. Overall, Apple’s participation in reCommerce provides more choice and it’s a great way to easily sell your iPhone if you’re eligible for an upgrade.

Who is the Apple iPhone trade-in program good for?

Apple’s iPhone trade-in program is a convenient option if you’re a current iPhone owner who is planning to upgrade at your local store and your device is two or more year’s old. The value of your iPhone will be determined on the spot by an Apple store employee who will look for visible damage, water damage, display quality, and engravings. All of these factors, plus overall button responsiveness will impact your trade-in value.

If you’re not upgrading at your local store, are not eligible for an upgrade with your carrier or your current iPhone is broken in any way, you won’t be eligible to participate in Apple’s trade-in program. To maximize the value of your used iPhone, you may want to consider selling your iPhone online.

Who are online iPhone trade-in services good for?

If you prefer to purchase your new iPhone online and have it shipped to your home or office, an online trade-in service is a better option for you. Most online trade-in services offer consumers the flexibility of cash payments instead of store credit, free shipping and in many cases, free shipping boxes.

Gazelle has been buying used iPhones and giving consumers cash in return since 2008. With cash you have the flexibility to use it for what ever you want, like sunglasses, for example.

Gazelle also buys high-end Android and Blackberry smartphones from consumers who may be considering an upgrade to a new iPhone. We also offer one of the longest price locks in the industry. In fact, for iPhone owners looking to trade now, the price is good until October 15, 2013.

Why Gazelle may be the better option for you

And, as a bonus this season, Gazelle launched an extended price lock guarantee just for customers who are planning to upgrade to the new iPhone, allowing you to get today’s price but send in your device by October 15., 2013

*current value of a 64gb iPhone 5, prices are subject to change




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