Apple announced new products at their media event held yesterday in San Francisco. With Apple unveiling two new tablets (iPad Air and iPad Mini retina), new MacBook Pro computers, and a high-powered Mac Pro desktop — what’s not to love?

Although Apple gave us some really great looking products, did Apple deliver the total package from their Fall iPad event?

Touch ID

iPad rumors pointed to the both the iPad and iPad mini including a fingerprint sensor. I was actually amazed to see both the iPad Air and the iPad mini got the new A7 64-bit processor, and the M7 motion processor, but not Touch ID. Touch ID is a key feature on the iPhone 5S that separates it from the iPhone 5C – and many other competitors. I think Apple should have included this on the iPad Air, perhaps to give it that killer feature over the lower priced iPad Mini. The lack of Touch ID, and the fact both models have the same processor, I will most likely pick up the new Mini over the Air. Thanks, Apple.


Sony has just released the SmartWatch 2 and Samsung has the Galaxy Gear, but where is the iWatch from Apple? Although I actually didn’t expect the iWatch to be announced at this event, Apple needs to get the ball rolling before competitors set the standards. With the holiday season around the corner, smartwatch buyers will have to look for other competitors. Maybe 2014 is the year of the iWatch?

iPad Smart Touch Covers

Apple did give us some new covers for the iPad yesterday, but they were the typical Apple-style covers and not something incredibly innovative. With rumors of a new Surface type keyboard for the iPad looming yesterday, I thought we would have seen some magnetic leather keypads at the event. Even the original invite for the iPad event stated, “we have a lot left to cover.” I guess I just really over-analyzed this one. 

Apple TV – HDTV

The rumors of an actual Apple TV have been circulating since 2009. I honestly didn’t expect to see a full blown TV set at the event, but I did think we could have had an update on the Apple TV box (set top box). The 3rd generation Apple TV was released way back in March of 2012. It received a tiny hardware update a year later but was not labeled as a 4th-generation model. I think it is time we a new Apple TV box with some type of gaming integration as well as added support for home networking.

Golden iPad

With the extreme popularity of the gold iPhone 5S around the globe, I think Apple missed out by not bringing it to the new iPad’s. Imagine the demand for a big shiny golden tablet? Apple gave both the new iPad Air and iPad mini retina a space-gray and silver color option, which are both found on the iPhone 5S. So why not complete the product line with matching gold models? Now my silver iPad mini retina won’t match my new gold iPhone 5S. I want a golden iPad now daddy!


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