The latest Nexus device from Google arrived this week and I finally got to take the wraps in our latest unboxing video. The new Nexus 5, made by LG, features a complete redesign from the Nexus 4 as well as all new software under the hood.  This latest device from Google comes with the new KitKat 4.4 Android operating system, which features new tricks and a polished UI.


Nexus 5 Build and Design:

The ultra-thin design and light weight of the Nexus 5 makes it easy to use and keeps it pocket friendly. Google has outfitted the Nexus 5 with ceramic volume and power buttons, which tend to be sharp against the skin, but are easy to operate. When you first look at the Nexus 5 it appears as just one slab of glass and plastic with virtually no bezel. The rounded corners along with slim profile give the Nexus 5 a futuristic and minimal sort of feeling. With both black and white color options available, the Nexus 5 represents the best looking Nexus device sold by Google. If I had one single gripe with the phone, it would be that the white model has a black front bezel which doesn’t really match that well. I would have loved to have an all white front (minus the screen of course) that matches the white back.

nexus 5 screennexus 5 white

Nexus 5 Pricing and Availability:

When it comes to pricing, the nexus 5 represents the best bang-for-the-buck across any smartphone platform or model. Starting at $349 for the 16Gb model, it cost almost half as much as a Galaxy S4 or Apple iPhone 5S ($649). Remember this $349 price tag is unlocked, which means there is no contract involved. Unlocked competing smartphones with the same specs start at $500-$600.

If you want to grab a Nexus 5, the best place to head is to the Google Play Store. You will find both the 16GB and 32GB options in both black and white color choices. For those of you who want to purchase through your carrier, Sprint and T-Mobile are your only options. Although the phone will be supported by AT&T, it will not be offered from them directly with a contract. Sprint users can grab the phone for only $50 with a 2-year contract starting today. T-Mobile users will have to wait until November 14th when it becomes available for a down payment of $42 and 24 monthly payments of $17. This adds up to $449 which ends up costing you $100 more. Verizon users are left out as the “Big Red” has opted to pass on the latest Google handset

Google Nexus 5 Unboxing Video:




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