Games are a huge part of Apple’s App Store. While we don’t know exactly what percentage of the more than one billion apps available for iPhone and iPad are games, Inside Mobile Apps reports that games represent 36 percent of app downloads and 71 percent of App Store revenue. If you are looking for some new iPhone and iPad gaming options, here are five of the best games for iOS.

Plants vs. Zombies

Though the sequel was met with mixed to poor reviews, the original Plants vs. Zombies ($0.99) stands the test of time and is truly one of the best games for iOS. This app is best described as a tower defense puzzle/game that challenges users to employ a variety of weaponized plants to defeat an ever-increasing zombie horde. The graphics are of a cartoon-ish style and plenty of humor is employed during gameplay.

Infinity Blade III

If users are looking for a more console-quality experience on their iPhone or iPad, action-adventure title Infinity Blade III ($6.99) is the perfect game. Featuring console-level graphics on par with what you might see on an Xbox 360 or PS3, this game not only looks stunning, but also features a complex battle system that allows users to level up weapons and fight some impressive baddies. Though Infinity Blade III is the third in a series, knowledge of the story line from the previous two games is not required.


There are plenty of puzzle games for iOS, but 2048 (free) is unique among its peers. The objective is simple: slide numbered tiles on a grid, combining them until they add up to the number 2048. Sounds simple enough, right? But puzzle fans who have tried this game know that there is more to this title than meets the eye, and it’s easy to waste hours looking for new combinations and stringing together matches.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

While precision racing doesn’t have much of a presence on iOS, arcade-racing enthusiasts have a great option in Asphalt 8: Airborne ($0.99). This game features slick, tilt-based controls and over 40 cars to unlock and collect. The game also sports detailed visuals, an impressive crash physics engine, and a soundtrack by The Crystal Method.

Angry Birds

Though this iconic game has been around for a while, there’s a good reason why this title has become synonymous with iPhone gaming: it’s simple and fun. If you’re one of the few who hasn’t tried it, the concept is simple: fling birds with a slingshot into increasingly complex structures to take down evil, egg-stealing pigs. Though the idea behind Angry Birds ($0.99) is a little bonkers, the execution is flawless, and with more than 400 stages—and more to come—this game will keep players busy well into the foreseeable future.

If none of these games suit your tastes, Apple has created several genre-based “collections” to help users find something that appeals to them.

What’s your favorite iOS game?

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