Apple focused on revealing new software rather than upcoming gadgets and hardware projects at this week’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). The spotlight was aimed squarely at iOS 8 at WWDC, but now that some fresh information has been released, one can make some educated guesses about the direction Apple may be taking with its new products.

Larger Screens and Better Cameras

The inclusion of XCode, software that allows screen sizes to adjust to all iOS device resolutions, means that iOS 8 will be adaptable to more than just the fixed screen limitations of Apple’s current line of products. Essentially, this hints that Apple is looking to play around with screen sizes in the future, possibly alluding to larger screens for both the iPad and iPhone.

The information released about iOS 8 at WWDC 2014 noted that the operating system “opens a lot more control over specific camera elements like shutter speed and focus,” according to CNET. While the iPhone is almost guaranteed to include these improvements and more, the iPad may be on the list for some camera upgrades as well.

Interaction and Gaming

Ever since the release of CarPlay with iOS 7, Apple has been looking to expand the boundaries of the iPhone outside of the phone itself. CarPlay let users sync their iPhones with certain cars, turning the dashboard into a customized iPhone display. iOS 8 details indicate that Apple has similar ideas in store for future devices, including programs like HomeKit and HealthKit that will interact with—as the names indicate—your home and your workout routine.

For developers, Metal, iOS 8’s development tool, looks pretty impressive. As CNET puts it, “console-level graphics engines might be running on iPhones and iPads this fall” thanks to the new strength and versatility that Metal offers.

While WWDC 2014 may not have revealed much about Apple hardware directly, information presented about iOS 8 at WWDC is a great indicator of the direction Apple is looking to take with its products. As AnandTech put it, “iOS 8 is very much targeted at refining the operating system and adding new features,” as opposed to iOS 7, which targeted the user interface.

iOS 8 is expected to be released in the fall; what features would you like to see released with it?

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