Anticipation is high for Apple’s next iPhone, which is expected to be unveiled on September 9. There are plenty of features that we’re expecting to see from this new device, including a faster processor, longer battery life, and a bigger screen. But simply upgrading the existing iPhone 5 with a better battery or bigger screen won’t shake up the mobile industry. Let’s take a look at missing iPhone 6 features that we probably won’t see announced, but are certainly nice to consider.

Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is a feature that phone manufacturers have shown little or no interest in, even though the technology exists in some pretty interesting forms. Companies like Duracell and Samsung have created standalone products that users can purchase to make existing phones compatible with their own proprietary wireless chargers, but it’d be great to have Apple pioneer a first-party wireless charging solution. Unfortunately, this feature is pretty unlikely to hit the iPhone 6, as it requires substantial investment and isn’t a feature that users are actively requesting.

Expandable Storage

No matter what size iPhone you currently have, chances are good that you’ve maxed out your storage at least once. Though downloading apps, listening to music, and taking photos are all things your iPhone is meant to do, not having unlimited freedom with your phone is certainly an issue. Though this problem could be solved if Apple added an expanded storage option to the iPhone 6 (like many Android phones), Apple’s rigid OS doesn’t lend itself nicely to this idea and Apple itself has shown no interest in pursuing it as a possible feature either.

Home Screen Widgets

Here’s another Android-inspired feature on our wish list: screen widgets! Right now you can’t do much to customize your iPhone’s home screen. Sure, you can put your own image as your wallpaper and arrange your icons any way you like, but other than those few anemic options, iPhone owners are stuck with home screens that don’t stand out from the crowd. However, imagine being able to add a news, shopping, or social media feed widget to your lock screen; you’d be able to see content you cared about at a glance, and could personalize your phone in a whole new way. Again, Apple’s rigid OS is probably the reason why this feature hasn’t come to iPhones yet, and probably won’t see the light of day for some time. However, it’s nice to dream about having an informative iPhone lock screen, isn’t it?

While these missing iPhone 6 features probably won’t appear at the rumored iPhone 6 reveal next month, it’s nice to engage in a little bit of phone feature fantasy from time to time. What unlikely features would you like to see most in the iPhone 6?

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