iPhone 5s vs. Other Flagship Devices
WRITTEN BY Rebecca Desfosse

Apple has finally unveiled the iPhone 5s, its latest flagship smartphone. Sporting a ramped-up camera, a fingerprint sensor, and a dual-core 64-bit...

iPhone 5S
iPhone 5s Touch ID: Real Deal or Just a Gimmick?
WRITTEN BY Rebecca Desfosse
CATEGORY Apple Apple News

The Touch ID feature of the iPhone 5s allows users to unlock their phone simply by swiping their fingertip across the Home button. This new feature uses...

new ipod touch
iPod Touch Trades Spike As iPhone 5C Becomes Fitting Replacement
WRITTEN BY Anthony Scarsella

Back in May Apple revealed that it has sold over 100 million iPod Touch units since it was first introduced in 2007.

iPhone 5c Colors
Which Color iPhone 5s/5c Will You Be Buying?
WRITTEN BY Casey Houser
CATEGORY Apple News Mobile Devices

Apple can look deep into its own history as a reminder of how to use colors as a marketing tool. Before the days of smartphones, the tech giant used...

iPhone 5s
Conquring Low Light: iPhone 5s iSight vs. HTC One Ultrapixel

In early 2013, HTC released its One smartphone that included the company's new Ultrapixel camera, which aims to produce quality photos with less...


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