Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung to Launch Black Edition Galaxy S4 and S4 Mini
WRITTEN BY Casey Houser
CATEGORY Mobile Devices

Samsung recently announced that it will begin selling two special "Black Edition" models of its flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S4 Mini....

Cyanogen Mod
The Android Operating System: 10 Unique Features
WRITTEN BY Doug Bonderud
CATEGORY Android News

Android offers a host of options not found in comparable mobile operating systems.

Google Play gift card
Google Play Apps: For Android Eyes Only
WRITTEN BY Doug Bonderud
CATEGORY Android News

Increasing Android adoption has prompted an increase in the quality and quantity of apps available in the Google Play Store. Here are five of the best.

Android home screen
EverythingMe Now Knows What You Need, When You Need It
WRITTEN BY David Gitonga
CATEGORY Android News

EverythingMe is taking on the challenge of making the Android home screen more intelligent. The company recently launched its re-imagined app.

Android market share
2013 Was the “Year of Android,” According to Analysts
WRITTEN BY Carli Velocci
CATEGORY Android News

Android captured a majority share of the smartphone market in 2013, leading Strategy Analysts to deem last year the company's greatest year. According...


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