Moto X Wood Back Cover Released
WRITTEN BY Anthony Scarsella
CATEGORY Android News

Good news for all the Moto X fans who have been waiting patiently for that Bamboo back cover. Motorla on Tuesday announced that the new Moto X wood back...

nexus 5 iphone 5s
Google Nexus 5 vs. Apple iPhone 5S Review

This is the smartphone dual that both Fandroids and Apple Fanboys everywhere have been waiting for. The Google Nexus 5 vs. Apple iPhone 5S...

SwiftKey Magnets
SwiftKey Beta Adds 500 Emoji and Number Row
WRITTEN BY Bane Srdjevic
CATEGORY Android News

It's no secret to users of smartphones that texting and typing can be a long and tedious process. That's why Android apps like SwiftKey, an app that...

Spotify Free Music Streaming Mobile Services Debut on iOS and Android

Spotify has just announced a free music streaming feature that allows users on tablets and smartphones to access several new features.

Nexus 7
White Nexus 7 Hits the Google Play Store

Google has added three new Android-driven devices at to its lineup at the Google Play Store. As The Inquirer reports, customers in both the U.K. and...


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