How to Master the Art and Science of Selfies
WRITTEN BY Gazelle Labs

Remember when we were told that selfies were just a fad that would soon disappear, sort of like the flash mob? Well, instead of dying out, the selfie has evolved. Nowadays, taking a selfie is easier than ever. But taking a great selfie, a selfie so amazing that it silences your inner critic, is not […]

cellphone carrier
Never Buy a New Smartphone Through a Cell Phone Carrier – Here’s Why
WRITTEN BY Gazelle Labs
CATEGORY Gazelle News

Tired of being gouged by cell phone carriers? The carriers had quite a run, didn’t they, where they essentially trained their customers to purchase smartphones on contract, over time. Sure, we got the instant gratification of walking away with a new phone, but we paid for it, big time, in the long-term. There is good […]

Guide for Apple Users On the Go
Gazelle’s 2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Apple Users On the Go
WRITTEN BY Juli Spaventa
CATEGORY Apple Testing Category

Tech isn’t just a job for us – it’s a passion. We always keep our eyes out for all the awesome products out there that work with Apple (and other) devices. Now that the holiday season is upon us, it’s time to share some of our top recommendations with you. Here’s our 2016 holiday gift […]

How to Take Perfect Instagram Photos
WRITTEN BY Brianna Loper

Many people are familiar with the old adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” and as evidenced by the wealth of photo-sharing apps for smartphones, that saying still holds very true today. Instagram, one of the most popular photo-sharing app, has more than 400 million users across the world, and more than 80 million […]

Phone for kids
Best Smartphone for Kids
WRITTEN BY Taran Loper

How do you feel about your children having cell phones? How about an iPhone for kids? It’s the new normal, isn’t it? One study found that about one-fifth of third graders have a cell phone, and by the fourth grade, 25 percent do. As they become tweens and teens, the numbers rise even faster. In fact, […]


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