iPhone 6 Might Hit Assembly Line as Early as May
WRITTEN BY Bane Srdjevic
CATEGORY Apple Apple News

With a release date slated for September, Apple suppliers are stocking up on supplies now to begin mass producing the iPhone 6 in less than a month.

Apple Store
Apple’s Healthbook App Coming Soon to an iPhone Near You

Want to see health statistics at a glance? You may be able to track blood pressure, weight and more from your iPhone!

iPhone Security
Android vs. iOS: Which One Will Keep You More Secure?
WRITTEN BY Amanda Kondolojy

You can stay secure on the two major mobile operating systems if you know how security is handled differently on Android vs. iOS.

phone germs
How To Keep Your iPhone Clean and Germ-Free

Phones are breeding grounds for germs. Learn how to clean up your device - on the outside.

Child with iPad
Limiting Your Child’s Tablet and Cell Phone Use: iOS Edition
WRITTEN BY Doug Bonderud

Studies suggest that tablet and cell phone use for children older than two be limited to less than one hour per day.


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