Which iPad is Best for You?

The latest iPad release has caused a few different reactions across the tech hemisphere. Some say it’s a solid deal for those looking to spend less on a new iPad, others speculate it’s not worth the hype. True, the latest iPad is retailed at one of the lowest original iPad price tags yet (excluding mini), […]

How to Fix a Slow iPhone
WRITTEN BY Beth Braverman

Nearly half of American iPhone owners hold onto their devices until they either stop working or become obsolete, according to a recent Gallup poll.  After a year or so of use, however, many users report that their iPhone starts to really slow down. Before rushing out to purchase a replacement, try the following tricks, which […]

iPad family time
How to Use the iPad to Bring Your Family Together
WRITTEN BY Beth Braverman
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One of the coolest things about your new iPad is the ability of the device to bring your family together. Here are five ways to make it do just that: Bring your family game night into the 21st century. Looking for some family game night ideas? Rather than sitting around a stodgy board game rolling […]

App Store
10 iPad Apps You Can’t Live Without

While there are thousands of choices out there, there are a handful of apps that every iPad owner must have. Read on for our top 10.

iPad Guide-blog
Everything You Need to Get Started with Your iPad

If you’ve never owned a tablet before, an iPad can be an intimidating piece of hardware. We’ll help you get started with this iPad guide.

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