The 5 Best Road Trip Apps for Your Next Adventure
WRITTEN BY Brianna Loper
CATEGORY Testing Category

From newly graduated high school students packing up their cars and taking the long way to college, to retired couples living and traveling across the country in their RVs, taking a road trip is a rite of passage for many. But long gone are the days of drawing out your driving route on a map […]

5 Apps for Outdoor Activities Ideal for Spring
WRITTEN BY Beth Braverman
CATEGORY Testing Category

You may not have looked up from your smartphone long enough to notice (we’re only kidding!), but Spring is here. It’s the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the Great Outdoors. That means different outdoor activities for different people—from extreme hiking to literally stopping to smell the roses. However you enjoy your outdoors, there […]

The Best Undiscovered Apps of 2014

Apps such as Trivia Crack and Uber rose to popularity in 2014. Here are some of last year's best undiscovered apps.

iPhone 5s
iPhone 5s Apps: The Best Collections
WRITTEN BY Amanda Kondolojy

The App Store has a curated list of "app collections" that can help users find the best of the best iPhone 5s apps.

Nolan Smith NCAA Basketball
March Madness Apps: Best Bets
WRITTEN BY Doug Bonderud
CATEGORY Applications

NCAA Basketball's March Madness starts on March 16, 2014, meaning fans have just a few weeks before they are consumed by schedules, stats, and scores.


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