Being a new mom is an exciting time. These apps can help you keep on top of your new busy schedule.
Top Five Apps for New Moms

No one ever said that being a mom was easy; however, with these apps for new moms, some relief is in sight.

iTunes App Store
Tweaks to App Store Search Algorithms Cause Major Shake-up in iTunes Rankings
WRITTEN BY Contel Bradford

  Search marketers and webmasters have fallen into the habit of following Google's search algorithms. It's a sound practice to adopt because the...

12 Days of Gifts
Apple’s 12 Days of Gifts to Treat U.S. Fans
WRITTEN BY Contel Bradford

    Apple may be born and raised in America, but as a global powerhouse, the company has been known to treat its international fans to exclusive perks....

ios 7 update
How To Prepare For The iOS 7 Update Tomorrow
WRITTEN BY Anthony Scarsella
CATEGORY Apple News How-To's

Apple will begin to roll out iOS 7, its mobile operating system

ios7 activation lock
How to turn off Activation Lock in iOS7

Learn what activation lock is, how to control it, and how it impacts your trade in with Gazelle.


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