Never buy new for kids
3 Things to Never Buy New for Kids

From used iPads to used clothes, parents simply shouldn’t invest a lot of money in some things for their children. Here are three things to never buy new.

phones for kids
Phones for Kids: 5 Things to do Before Buying Your Kid a Smartphone

Buying phones for kids is expensive, and they pose all types of risks to tweens. Take these steps before buying your kid a connected device.

5 Great Apps for Teens (That Parents Will Love, Too)
5 Great Apps for Teens (That Parents Will Love, Too)

Apps have revolutionized the way teens communicate and interact with the world around them. Here are five great apps for teens (and their parents).

Kid playing on iPad
New ‘Games for Kids’ Section Spotted in the App Store
WRITTEN BY Shawn Sanders

A new "Games for Kids" section has been spotted in Apple's App Store, with improvements that place more emphasis on preventing in-app purchases.

tv spot sunglasses
Pass It Down or Sell It: Should you give your kids a cell phone?

Even though technology is moving forward at a rapid pace, that doesn't necessarily mean your children have to move with it. Back in the day, parents...


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