5 Amazing New Features with Samsung Galaxy S8

After an explosive- uh, exciting 2016, Samsung is back and more ready than ever to release the new Galaxy S8. April 21, 2017 will bring us an incredible new contender to the smartphone arena with more than a handful of enhanced and innovative features. That being said, let’s get down to the nitty gritty of the […]

How to Master the Art and Science of Selfies
WRITTEN BY Gazelle Labs

Remember when we were told that selfies were just a fad that would soon disappear, sort of like the flash mob? Well, instead of dying out, the selfie has evolved. Nowadays, taking a selfie is easier than ever. But taking a great selfie, a selfie so amazing that it silences your inner critic, is not […]

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Never Buy a New Smartphone Through a Cell Phone Carrier – Here’s Why
WRITTEN BY Gazelle Labs
CATEGORY Gazelle News

Tired of being gouged by cell phone carriers? The carriers had quite a run, didn’t they, where they essentially trained their customers to purchase smartphones on contract, over time. Sure, we got the instant gratification of walking away with a new phone, but we paid for it, big time, in the long-term. There is good […]

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Top 10 Apps for Teachers
WRITTEN BY Brianna Loper
CATEGORY Android News Apple News

Today technology is commonplace in the classroom. In a 2013 survey, nearly two-thirds of teachers reported using technology regularly in their classrooms, and 74% percent said technology is key to helping them expand on their lessons. Since then, those number have only increased. While teachers have historically banned cell phones from their classrooms, now there […]

Galaxy Cases-Blog
5 Best Cases to Protect Your Samsung Galaxy

Though the Samsung Galaxy has beaten the iPhone in durability tests, all phones should wear an extra layer of protection. Here's our 5 best Galaxy cases.

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