The reCommerce Report: iPhone Edition

This edition of the reCommerce report focuses on reCommerce (trade in) trends at Gazelle throughout the launch of the iPhone 5S and 5C. This year, more consumers locked in their offers before the invite to the announcement was even out, and the new iPhones didn’t just bring out Apple fans; it led to huge spikes […]

htc one max
Last Week’s Top Tech News: HTC One Max, New iPads, Galaxy Round, T-Mobile Goes Global

Last weeks biggest tech news brings us new iPads headed our way on October 22nd. HTC also unveiled their massive One Max tablet. Samsung gets flexible...

Software Source Code
Samsung Making Play for Apps
WRITTEN BY Rick Robinson
CATEGORY Gazelle News

Samsung knows that apps are the big draw for mobile devices. Buyers may be drawn to elegant products and powerful performance, but what really brings...

ugliest cell phones
The 7 Ugliest Cell Phones Ever

Good looking cell phones today are a dime a dozen. From the all metal HTC One and

The camera phone has revolutionized digital photography
Samsung Refocuses on the Camera Phone
CATEGORY Android News Apple News

With smartphones now sporting increasingly high-megapixel cameras and with in-device camera settings getting more robust, there may be a perception that...

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