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Samsung Making Play for Apps
WRITTEN BY Rick Robinson
CATEGORY Gazelle News

Samsung knows that apps are the big draw for mobile devices. Buyers may be drawn to elegant products and powerful performance, but what really brings...

ugliest cell phones
The 7 Ugliest Cell Phones Ever

Good looking cell phones today are a dime a dozen. From the all metal HTC One and

The camera phone has revolutionized digital photography
Samsung Refocuses on the Camera Phone
CATEGORY Android News Apple News

With smartphones now sporting increasingly high-megapixel cameras and with in-device camera settings getting more robust, there may be a perception that...

Galaxy Gear Comparison
Samsung’s Galaxy Gear Begins Smartwatch Battle
WRITTEN BY Casey Houser
CATEGORY Mobile Devices

Jump in head first to try out the new Galaxy Gear smartwatch from Samsung, which aims to seamlessly integrate with your Android smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Samsung Debuts Galaxy Note 3
WRITTEN BY Rebecca Desfosse
CATEGORY Android News

Samsung's President and CEO J.K. Shin recently announced the debut of the Galaxy Note 3, the company's latest edition to their Note lineup, according to...

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