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Samsung to Unveil Galaxy Gear Smart Watch Next Month

Though Samsung did confirm at the beginning of the summer that they were indeed working on a smart watch, they have been mum on the subject ever since...

Release of 6-Inch HTC One Max Phablet Rumored for September
Release of 6-Inch HTC One Max Phablet Rumored for September
WRITTEN BY Kelsey L. Jones
CATEGORY Android News

It looks like HTC is continuing to make big moves in the smartphone market. A few leading technology websites have picked up on its plans...

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Samsung Unseats Apple From Smartphone Throne With Record-Setting Second Quarter

Once upon a time, Apple and its iPhone were synonymous with the term "smartphone". It can be strongly argued that this is no longer the case. Apple's...

The Best Mid-Range Smartphone: The New Battle in Smartphone Supremacy

breaking down the best mid tier devices from the top OEM's

Phablets: Are New Smart Phone Screen Sizes Too Big?

Most smart phone and tablet manufacturers are counting on consumers thinking that bigger is better when it comes to smart phone screen sizes and are...

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