DreamWorks Android Tablet
Kid-Friendly Dreamtab Android Tablet on the Way from DreamWorks
WRITTEN BY Contel Bradford
CATEGORY Android News

  The competition in the tablet space has heated up to fierce degrees. In order to earn a piece of the pie worth snacking on, newcomers must find a way...

galaxy note
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Tops 10 Million Units Shipped
CATEGORY Android News

Samsung has recently revealed that shipments of the Galaxy Note 3 have surpassed 10 million total units

best tablet for kids
The 7 Best Tablets For Kids
CATEGORY Mobile Devices Product Reviews

Looking to grab a tablet for your child this holiday season?

Four or More Samsung Smartphones to Be Released in Early 2014
WRITTEN BY Bane Srdjevic
CATEGORY Android News

It seems like 2014 is going to be a big year for Samsung. Recent rumblings and whispers through grapevines hint at the possibility of four or more new...

samsung gs5
Samsung Galaxy S5 To Feature Metal Housing
CATEGORY Android News

The latest Galaxy S5 rumors out of Asia are now pointing to the device having a new metal bodied design. Samsung's next flagship device which should...

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