Finding the perfect speaker for your smartphone can help you enjoy your favorite music indoors or out.
Today’s Top 5 Smartphone Speakers, Just in Time for Summer
WRITTEN BY Christina Montoya Fiedler

Smartphone speakers are ideal for bringing your music with you, whether outdoors, at a party, or poolside. Here are five of the best money can buy.

Smartphone on table
Life-spans of Used Phones: Consider Smartphone Longevity When Buying
WRITTEN BY Justin Stoltzfus
CATEGORY Gazelle News

How do you know the life-span of your used phone? There is data out there that will help you anticipate, and extend, your used phone's longevity.

clicking away in the field with a smartphone
Used Versus New Smartphones: Which One Do You Need?
WRITTEN BY Justin Stoltzfus
CATEGORY Gazelle News

Need a different phone? Why not consider used versus new smartphones? Here's what you need to know.

Smartphones affect productivity according to new study
HBR: Smartphone Use Can Disturb Sleep, Productivity
CATEGORY Gazelle News

Using smartphones after office hours can damage workers' productivity by robbing them of quality sleep, a new study suggests.

Intel Android on Windows
Android on Windows Gets Backing from Major Chip Players
WRITTEN BY Contel Bradford
CATEGORY Android News

AMD and Intel announced plans at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this week to support the emerging Android on Windows trend.

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