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Is a Gazelle Certified Verizon phone compatible with my carrier?

Our Gazelle Certified Verizon phones are locked to the Verizon network, meaning they can only be activated with Verizon. If you intend to use a Verizon locked device on a carrier other than Verizon, such as TracFone or Net10, we strongly recommend you first contact that carrier about the use of the specific Verizon locked device you want to purchase with their service.

Some Verizon devices require the use of SIM cards. Gazelle devices do not include SIM cards. If you already have a compatible Verizon network SIM, you can reuse it with your Gazelle Certified device. Otherwise, you will have to source one from your carrier. If you are uncertain what size SIM is compatible with a given device, check the "Specifications" section of the product listing for more information.