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Frequently Asked Questions - Gazelle Rewards Program

  1. Does the Gazelle Rewards Program work for both Trading In and Buying from Gazelle? Unfortunately, the Gazelle Rewards Program only applies to the Trade In portion of our business at this time. At a future date, we plan to expand the program so that you can earn and apply reward points for both Trading In and Buying certified used devices from Gazelle.

  2. How do I sign up for a Gazelle Rewards account and begin earning points? To start earning points as part of our loyalty program, you need to first create a Gazelle Trade In account to sign up for Gazelle Rewards. For specific details on how to sign up, see our Gazelle Rewards page ( Gazelle Rewards accounts are separate from Gazelle Trade In accounts. To earn points on your trade-in, you will need both a Trade In account and a Rewards account. At this time, we only offer rewards on our Trade In website. To ensure you are able to earn and utilize your Rewards points, it will be necessary to use the same email address for your Gazelle Trade In and Rewards program accounts. If you are creating a Gazelle Rewards account for the first time you will be granted an enrollment bonus.

  3. What if I already use different email addresses for Gazelle Trade In, Store and Rewards program? If you have existing accounts with Gazelle Trade In, Store, and Rewards that use different email addresses, you can contact our customer service team to help you align these accounts to a single email address.

  4. How can I earn points for trading in a device or making purchases through the Gazelle Store?
    If you agree to and finalize a trade-in with Gazelle, you will receive points as long as you have a Gazelle Trade In account and Gazelle Rewards account.

  5. How are points calculated? You will receive 1 point for every $1 you receive trading in a used device with Gazelle. Points are accrued for money received on a trade-in. Any taxes, shipping costs, discounts and promotional gifts do not earn points.

  6. What are other ways I can earn Gazelle Rewards points? Listed below are the many ways in which you can earn points. They can also be viewed within the “My Rewards” dashboard. Trade-in (no limit), 1st Trade-in bonus (one time), Sign up for Gazelle Rewards program (one time), Connect on Facebook (one time), Connect on Twitter (one time), Connect on Instagram (one time), Connect on YouTube (one time), Daily visit and sign into Trade In account (once daily).

  7. How can I redeem my rewards points? Once you earn a sufficient number of reward points, you can redeem your points to increase the total amount you will receive for a future device trade-in to Gazelle. In order to claim a reward amount and add it to a trade-in, log into your account and select the Manage Rewards tab. If you have a sufficient number points to claim a reward, the reward amount and number of points will show. Just select the promotion you wish to claim that is available to you then step through your quote and trade-in process. You will see the redemption amount in your packing slip and invoice at checkout. After Gazelle receives your trade-in device and completes the inspection process, your rewards promo will be added to your payout. You will also receive new rewards points based on the value of the device you sent in.

  8. Is a Trade in required to redeem and use my reward points? Yes, you can only redeem your reward points for an addition payout during a trade-in.

  9. Do points expire? All points which you have accrued are available for your use for three years. Individual points will expire 36 months after the date you have earned them.

  10. What is the minimum number of points needed to redeem rewards? The minimum number of points currently needed to redeem a reward is 250. Our reward tiers are subject to change however so check your rewards dashboard frequently.

  11. How soon after earning rewards points can I redeem and use them for a trade in or purchase on Gazelle? For points earned trading in a device, they will be placed into a “pending” status until the devices have been accepted and your payment has been issued. You will not be able to use the points until they have been released from “pending”. Should the trade-in device be returned to you, the “pending” points will be removed from your account. Reward points you earn from other activities such as visiting the Gazelle website and logging into your rewards account, or connecting through a social network, are immediately available for you to redeem.

  12. How can I view the points I earned from a recent trade-in? You will be able to see your reward point balance by logging into your reward account. Recent points will be marked as “pending.”

  13. How do I track my loyalty points? You can track your loyalty points at any time by logging into your account through the Gazelle Reward program page [] or the login links at the top of each Gazelle page and navigating to “My Rewards” tab within your Trade In account dashboard. This will also allow you to redeem points, see account activity and check point earning rules.

  14. What happens to points I received or redeemed if I decide to decline an adjusted offer from Gazelle? Will the points be deducted from my account? Yes. Once you place a device trade in order, your points earned will be shown in your rewards account with an “pending” status. Until these points are released from hold, you will not be able to redeem or use these individual points. For Trade In orders to Gazelle reward points are released from their “pending” state after your device has been inspected and paid for or will be dropped after 60 days from the time you place your order if your trade in device has not been received and inspected by Gazelle. For any points you redeemed to receive a bonus on your trade in, prior to your canceled device trade in will be returned to your Rewards Account.