How does your referral program work?

About the Program

It's easy. You refer someone who uses our service - and you BOTH get paid!!

To encourage sharing, we not only reward the referrer, but we will also be reward the friends who try out Gazelle as a result of your referral! (Now who is going to be the popular one!!)

Once you fill out the referral form, it will generate a personalized email to your referred friend(s) with instructions on how they can create a transaction with Gazelle, so that you both become eligible to receive the referral rewards. Once they send in their device and get paid, we will send you (the referrer) a Tango Gift Card.

What is a qualifying transaction for the referral program?:

To be eligible for the referral reward, the "friend" must be a first-time Gazelle customer (no previous transactions), and their trade must be valued at $25 or more upon inspection. The rewards will be paid out after a successful transaction has been completed. Unfortunately, if the transactions do not meet these requirement, the bonus will not be applied.

For full details and eligibility requirements of this program, please refer to our terms of service:

How are you paid for referring a friend? We're Glad you asked!! The referrer will be paid with a Tango gift card within 7-10 days of the referred customer's completed transaction.

What is a Tango Gift Card?

Tango gift cards can be activated on When activating the card, you will be able to choose what type of gift card you'd like to receive. Retailers include Amazon, Gap, Home Depot, Starbucks, Target, Zappos, iTunes, and more. Through Tango, you may also choose to donate the amount to charity, or redeem it for cash.

The referred customer is paid through an additional bonus amount added directly to their qualifying transaction, which is included in their final payment.