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How to deactivate "Find My iPhone" before shipping to Gazelle

Find My iPhone is a feature for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch that can help locate your device if lost, but can also block activation by a new owner. Because of this, Gazelle cannot offer full trade-in value for devices with Find My iPhone enabled. To ensure a fast and hassle-free process, please make sure to turn off Find My iPhone before sending it to Gazelle.

How to turn off Find My iPhone

Locate and tap the "Settings" icon on your device's home screen.

Tap "iCloud" in the Settings menu.

If Find My iPhone is ON, tap the slider to turn it OFF.
If you are prompted to for a password, enter your iCloud password and tap "Turn Off" to confirm.

Please note:

If you have already reset your device, Find My iPhone is turned off.

Please contact us if you need any assistance with this process.