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If Gazelle checks out my item and the offer is lowered, what can I do if I disagree?

The first action you can take is to request a re-inspection through our Ask a Question form or by calling us at 1-800-Gazelle. We will have our Inspections Management Team take a closer look for you. Some evaluations can be edited or overturned to provide you with additional compensation. During this time, we would request that you do not Accept or Decline the revised offer, as this will cancel the re-inspection request.

After any inspection or re-inspection takes place you will receive a notification email shortly after with the evaluation results. If we determine your item possesses a functional or condition rating related defect, or the item is a different model, we will calculate a new offer and you will have 5 days to decide if you would like to Accept or Decline. After the 5 days passes, we have to assume you do not object to the new offer, and your device will be automatically processed under the new amount. If you Decline the offer within the 5 days, the item will be sent back to you at our cost.

The most reliable way you can manage your transactions is through the "Track My Offers" page on Once logged in, you can review the status of each transaction individually and submit any decision we might need from you to proceed. If you submit a "Decline" decision, we will return the device to you within 3 business days. You will receive an email with a tracking number, which will allow you to prepare for the item's delivery. NOTE: Return packages are not insured against loss or theft and do not require a signature. We strongly recommend that you monitor the tracking, and are present for the return delivery.

We recommend checking the "Track My Offers" page daily after you ship the package to us. The 5 days following receipt of your item are crucial, and we are dedicated to making the transaction seamless so you can get your money FAST if you choose to Accept the revised offer.