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How to deactivate Samsung "Find My Mobile" Reactivation Lock before shipping to Gazelle.

Reactivation Lock is a security setting on certain Samsung devices (some versions of Galaxy S5 and Note 3) which prevents it from being activated on a new account. Because of this, Gazelle cannot offer full trade-in value for devices with Reactivation Lock enabled. To ensure a fast and hassle-free process, please make sure to turn off this feature before sending it to Gazelle.

How to turn off Reactivation Lock

1. From the Home Screen, touch Apps then Settings and select the Security icon

2. Once in Security options, scroll to Reactivation Lock. Make sure the box is UNCHECKED. You may be prompted for a password when turning off this feature - make sure to use your Samsung account password. If you do not see this option listed, the feature is not available for your device and no further action is needed.

Please note: if you have already reset the device to factory settings and were prompted for a password at that time, you have already disabled Reactivation lock.