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When selling my device to Gazelle, how can I remove an item from my transaction or how can I cancel my whole transaction?

Removing an item from my order when selling my device to Gazelle:

To remove an item from your order while creating the order, near the top right corner of the screen, click on "You have 1 item in your box" (where 1 can be however many items are in your open box order).

Next, click the blue link that says "Remove" under the item photo in the small popup. Once you click "Remove", you will be asked to confirm, and should see the item disappear from your order.

To cancel an entire transaction:

Go to the website and click "Track My Offers" in the top right hand corner of the website. This will lead you to your Transaction Management page.

Under your Open orders tab, you will see a "View Details" link next to each item. Once you have clicked this link, you will see a blue "Cancel this Item" link available.

Additionally, you can cancel the whole order by clicking "Cancel this Box" at the top right hand corner of the "Box Status" window.