Every item gets an offer

Our goal is to be your one stop-shop for selling or recycling all consumer electronics. We already support more than 20 categories, and we're adding new ones all the time. We do our best to include every model in existence in the categories we support in our database, but sometimes we miss one or two. When you have something that's not in our catalog yet, we'll still give you an offer. Just use our easy personalized offer page to submit some details and you'll get an offer within one business day.

Free shipping and packaging for qualifying items

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to sell or recycle your electronics with us. One way we help is to simplify the packaging and shipping process. We provide FREE shipping for anything we're paying you money for. In most cases, we'll even send you a box within 2 days so that you don't have to worry about finding one. We want to make it easy for you to get green and be green!

Personal data wiped from all items

Whether its personal contacts in your cell phone or photos on your digital camera, we know that your electronics may hold personal information. Here at Gazelle we take your security and privacy very seriously. We've developed a robust inspection and data cleansing process that is a standard part of every inspection. Each item that arrives at Gazelle is hand-inspected by a trained member of our gadget lab team, using DOD approved software to remove data in a controlled and secure environment. While our data destruction process varies from one product to another, the final result is the same. Every item that arrives at Gazelle is wiped free of any personal or non-personal information. Click here to learn more.

Fast service, quick payment

From the performance of our web site to the turn around of your payment, we strive for efficiency in everything we do. When a box arrives, we are committed to moving it through our receiving and inspection process in 2-3 business days. Once an item's condition is verified, we will pay you within 10 business days. If we disagree with your assessment of an item's condition and you'd like us to return it, we will within 3 business days. Our goal is to be the simplest, fastest, most trusted place online to sell or recycle electronics, and we're working hard to earn this reputation.

Items without value are properly recycled

The founders of Gazelle knew how important providing a safe and free recycling service to our customers would be. So back in 2006, they decided the company would never make money off recycling. This decision allows us to partner with only premier US-based recycling partners that abide by the most stringent controls. All recycling partners are strictly vetted by our recycling and operations team and regularly monitored for quality assurance and abidance with Gazelle's recycling promise.