It’s easy to assume that many iPhone users will profess their love for their smartphone when asked. These iPhone relationships are created out of the vigorous daily iPhone usage for everything from phone calls to e-mail and calendar synchronization. Gazelle recently completed an online survey of approximately 1,000 respondents that highlights just how attached iPhone users are to their devices.

When compared with Android users, iPhone users are more committed to both their romantic partner and their phones — more than 75 percent said they were in love with their iPhone. In addition, the survey found more iPhone users are married than Android users, showing that judging someone by their phone just might be a useful metric in the dating world. For example, if a user is committed to their iPhone, they may also be more willing to commit to other things in their lives, such as a serious relationship.

The dedication that survey respondents have regarding their iPhone relationships also shows just how important the device is in their everyday life. iPhone users unanimously agreed that they would forgo sex for a week rather than go without their phones (and Android users agreed).

Being attached to your phone includes taking it with you where ever you go. In a recent study reported by the Huffington Post on where phones are placed during the night, about 65 percent of survey participants ages 18-44 said they sleep with their phone next to their bed, and another 16 percent said the phone is in their bedroom, but they can’t reach it.

Having an iPhone with them at all times helps people feel more connected to the outside world, as they can find out immediately when they get a text message, e-mail, or phone call. Apps like Facebook and Twitter also foster a feeling of connectivity.

No matter how deep your iPhone relationships may run, the fact remains that this smartphone will now forever have a place in our hearts.