Here’s a question for you: Would you rather have to deal with the fallout of losing the phone that had the only pictures of your newborn niece on it or have the peace of mind that comes of knowing that your phone is backed up and your data is protected? Not much of a question really, but you’d be surprised how many Android users are walking around without Android data security. We don’t believe it’s because people like making their lives more difficult, but rather because most people don’t understand how easy it is to protect their data. All it takes is a few cheap apps and a can-do attitude to make sure those photos of yours stay protected.

Trend Micro Mobile Security

The popular computer protection program has gone mobile. For just $1.99 a year, Trend Micro Mobile Security protects your Android phone from malicious software and phishing attacks, and it even lets you block calls and texts from specific numbers so that you can ignore unwanted calls from that admirer who can’t take a hint.

Webroot Mobile Security (Beta)

Even though this is in beta, it gets our vote because it is simple, it’s easy to use, and it doesn’t come with too much baggage. The simple touch-and-go interface used for scanning your phone and blocking websites will allow even the most tech-illiterate newbie to protect his Android phone with ease, and the app is even free.

Seal App Locker

While this app won’t protect you from the hackers lurking in cyberspace, it will protect your phone from nosy moochers. For $2.78, this app lets you put an unlock screen on your applications, which means that if your phone is stolen, the thief will need to know the swipe password to get access to your email, or even just to play Angry Birds. Serves him right.

Anti-Virus Pro

For $9.99, this app sure packs a punch. It’s a combination of all of the above apps and more. It scans files, tracks your lost or stolen phone through Google Maps, cleans up processes that slow down your phone, and it can remotely lock or wipe your phone in case it is stolen. 40 years ago, this was the kind of gadgetry that you’d only find on James Bond’s utility belt.

Lookout Mobile Security

Aside from being free, this app makes the list because it both protects your phone and keeps you up to date if the unthinkable happens to your device. Like the previous choices, this phone can scan apps and block viruses and malware, but it also allows you to back up and restore your contacts and data to a new phone. Along with the standard “wipe your data” option, you can also make your phone emit a loud alarm by running this program from a different device.

So it turns out that getting Android data security doesn’t have to put you out a lot of cash. As you can see, there are several cheap or free options that can cover your phone, both inside and out.