Instagram recently announced via its blog that users can now embed photos and videos onto web pages, thanks to a simple embed code that is available on users’ profile pages. This embedding option is a big step in the popular app’s integration with web-based user profiles.

AllThingsD reports that Instagram web embeds are an important move for the growing social networking app. The app is currently available on Android and Apple smartphones but not on Windows phones. The company has made other recent updates as well: Until recently, user profiles weren’t available for viewing online, and users could only access profiles through the app itself.

Video Sharing

Sharing video is also a new feature for the app, and was added in as an update to compete with popular apps like Twitter’s Vine and media-based messaging app Snapchat. Vine users could instantly embed vines into web pages upon launch of the app by Twitter, and both Vine and Instagram allow users to take seven-second videos that are then uploaded to a user’s profile. The video is looped over and over again when it is on the user’s screen. Video microsharing is a hit with the target market of those in the age bracket of 18-25, who make up of 35% of Instagram’s user base, according to Quora.

Why Embed?

Whether a user wants to embed photo or video, there are lots of options. Many news sites use Twitter cards (which are embeddable tweets) in their celebrity news stories, and Instagram web embeds could provide a similar feature. Bloggers could also embed their latest photos and videos into their blog posts or reviews.

Without embedding, users must manually make and save a screenshot of a photo onto their computer before sharing it via another social network or website.

Making It Easy

So overall, this app is now both simple to use and accessible to a wider audience with these new, popular features. By providing users with an easy copy-and-paste code for each individual photo and video, users can quickly embed both still and video images. In addition, for users who don’t have the app on their phone, being able to view other users’ profiles via a regular Internet browser extends the app’s user base. While it isn’t yet possible for users to join the network without having an app, Instagram has shown that it recognizes users’ desire to integrate with its regular web presence and usage that go beyond mobile.

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