Snaplay was recently released as a free app through the iOS app store, allowing users to take photos and videos to find out more about their subject online, known as a reverse image search. TechCrunch states that the app also works with your other apps (like Spotify and iTunes) to help you learn more about music that you discover online.

A Shazam for Images

In an example listed on Snaplay’s website, if a user takes a photo of a record cover using Snaplay, the app can then scan Spotify for the album and play it, thus helping the user decide whether or not they want to purchase the album. Snaplay is billing itself as a Shazam for Images; Shazam is an app that listens to music and listed commercial audio and then directs the user to a point of purchase the song or to more information about the advertiser. With a beta launch of about 1,800 users, Snaplay is now available for download from the iTunes app store.

Hassle-Free QR

Snaplay’s process works similarly to that of QR codes, but without the hassle of having to print a customized QR code on every piece of marketing a company may produce. For instance, if a user snaps a photo of a movie premiere poster, they could then be directed to the trailer for the movie or where to purchase tickets.

Snaplay Offers Options

The options for integration with this app are numerous; besides directing users to buy movie tickets or watch previews, it could also use product photos to tell users where to buy the movie online for the best price. Along the same lines, a photo of a company logo could produce a link to their website, and the storefront of a restaurant could generate a special 10% off coupon or a link to the full menu and online reviews. Snaplay is currently utilizing in-app advertising for revenue but could easily generate partnerships with businesses or other apps that want to have their content displayed.

Another unique feature of Snaplay is that it can play and search for media right from the app. YouTube videos will play straight from the app, and users can browse search results without having to switch to their mobile browser.

In today’s society, users are constantly looking for easier ways to get more information. Many want the exact results they are looking for as quickly as possible. Typing in a business or movie name may generate useless search results, thus creating lost time having to search for the best information. By utilizing the reverse image search via Snaplay, users can better connect with the information they need, no searching required.

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