The start of football season is always a fun time for sports fans, but it’s a weird combination of excitement and nervousness for fantasy football lovers. There’s no doubt that playing in fantasy leagues is fun, but with so much money or pride on the line, building the perfect team and then tracking it throughout the year can be a little stressful. Many team owners are now turning to technology, and specifically fantasy football apps, to give them an advantage over the competition and allow them to enjoy the season just a little bit more.

RotoWire Fantasy Football Draft Kit

There’s no one day that will have more of an impact on your fantasy season than draft day, and this app from the stats experts at RotoWire will give you a edge over the competition. Just input your custom league settings, and the app uses RotoWire’s expert analysis to rank players specifically for your league. The customization options are almost endless, and the app will even let you run mock drafts against the computer so you can see your draft strategy in action. When you’re deep in the eighth round and trying to squeeze some value out of the players that are left on the board, this app can be a lifesaver. It’s available for both iOS and Android, although the iOS version is significantly more polished.

Fantasy Football News & Podcasts

Once your team is in place, staying on top of your fantasy league standing requires staying updated on all the football news for the week and learning how that news will affect your players. This app brings together podcasts from ESPN,,, and others, along with full articles from Rotoworld, to give you all the information you could ever want right at your fingertips. Instead of scouring the Internet to get the information you so desperately need, this app makes staying updated on your team simple and seamless.

Fantasy Football Trade Evaluator

Trading is one of the most difficult aspects of fantasy football, with players trying to get an advantage over trading partners. Keeping all the stats and possibilities in your head is difficult, especially in multi-player trades, so why not turn to technology to make life easier. This app will look at both sides of the trade, using current and historical stats, and will determine if you’re making a good deal or you’re about to get played. When a midseason trade could make or break your team, you’ll want this app in your arsenal.

NFL Mobile

On game day, the NFL’s flagship app is by far the best way to keep track of how your players’ teams are performing. The app works on four different platforms, including BlackBerry and Windows Phone, and contains a healthy mix of news, stats, and video. Through a special deal, Verizon customers can also get access to live games and NFL Redzone content, although some licensing caveats mean that customers may need to download the dedicated CBS or Fox app to stream some of the games.


Manually keeping track of when your players are doing well can be a bit of a pain, but Thuuz is there to help. This app is designed to keep sports fans informed about the best games, and big plays, going on at the moment; and starting with the 2012 season, it added a fantasy element. You can upload your team from popular leagues like ESPN and Yahoo!, and the app will inform you about important news, injuries, and exciting plays as they happen.

Technology is a powerful thing, and for those obsessed with dominating their fantasy leagues, the difference between winning and losing can often come down to who has the most information at the perfect time. With this collection of fantasy football apps, you’ll never be behind when it comes to understanding the game.

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