While we’re not trying to take sides in the epic that is the ongoing Android-iPhone war, if there is one thing to be said about the benefits of one phone over the other it’s that Apple has an app, called “Find My iPhone,” that will let you remotely track, lock, and erase data from your phone so you can protect your most precious of gadget investment — an option that has been lacking for the Android user. There is no “Find My Android,” at least not directly from Google, we should say, which has forced users to download third-party apps to achieve a similar goal. While we love third-party apps just as much as the next techie, there is something to be said about buying name brand, which is why Apple has traditionally had the edge on Android phones in that respect. August will soon be known as the month that changed everything.

Android Device Manager

According to CNET, at the beginning of August Google announced that there will, in fact, be a release of a “Find My Android” option during this summer. Of course, it won’t be called Find My Android; even Google wouldn’t want to get tangled up in a lawsuit of Apple-Samsungian proportions. Instead, the program is called Android Device Manager, and it isn’t an app. Rather, it is an option. All phones running Android 2.2 or higher will automatically receive an update that will list Android Device Manager as an option in the phone settings. Now, for those of you who have a vise-like grip on your download controls, don’t freak out; it is an option. You can activate it or deactivate it at will, so rest assured that you can safely unwrap the tinfoil off the top of your head.

What Does It Do?

More or less everything that “Find My iPhone” does. You can make your phone ring if you are having trouble locating it around the house; it can lock your phone from a remote location; if you lose your phone, you can find out exactly where it is; and if it comes to the worst of the worst, you can wipe all existing data and protect your identity and your dignity by deleting all of your embarrassing photos.

How Do I Get It?

As mentioned above, it is being installed as a regular update on all phones running Android 2.2 or higher, so by the end of this month you will have it on your phone. Some have received it already, some still have to wait. Just don’t go losing your phone before then. And if you want to check whether or not you have it, simply go to Settings->Security->Device Administrators. It will be listed clearly as an option, and you can choose whether to activate or deactivate it at will. If it isn’t there yet, just wait a few more days for it to show up.

If you suffer from chronic phone-misplace-itis, we’re sorry to inform you that there is no cure, but now there is at least a solution. Keep checking your phone if you don’t have the update yet, because you will definitely be getting it by the end of the month.

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