Apple’s seventh-generation smartphone will be available on September 10. With that package comes slick new hardware boasting all new software at the core. The launch of this gadget is being met with tremendous anticipation since it could have a huge impact on the balance of power in the smartphone market.

Will Apple deliver yet another hit? That remains to be seen, but here are five key features we may see when the iPhone 5s hits shelves.

1. New and Improved Chip

Apple has made some exciting changes to improve the function and performance of the hardware. The 5s will feature a new processor called the A7, which, according to AppleInsider, is based on the ARMv8 architecture and is—oddly enough—made by Apple rival Samsung. The new chip has a higher clock speed, significantly better graphics, and higher bandwidth memory than last year’s model thanks to the addition of 1GB in LPDDR3 RAM. The faster processor increases overall efficiency and helps to address the problem with battery life.

2. New Storage Possibilities

One of the biggest drawbacks to mobile devices in general is their lack of storage capacity. Though it has yet to be confirmed, a fourth model may address this issue. As PhoneArena reports, the 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB models could be joined by a new 128GB offering. A robust smartphone that is this generous in the storage department could be a game changer for Apple.

3. Better Operating System and Security

The iPhone 5s will run the new iOS 7 software. The latest operating system includes updates to some top resident apps. It also offers improvements in security for added peace of mind. For instance, Apple has placed a fingerprint sensor in the home button to control locking and unlocking; they also tweaked the system to require users to input their Apple ID before resetting the device.

4. Dual LED-Flash Camera

Although the iPhone 5 did include a flash, pictures taken in low-light situations were often low quality. The 5s has addressed this with improvements to the rear-facing camera. Dual LED flashes and a larger f2.0 aperture increases the amount of light available and enhances the quality of pictures taken in low-light settings. There has also been talk of something better than the 1.2-megapixel front-facing camera currently on the sixth-generation iPhone.

5. Golden Gadget Option

Although black and white have become iconic iPhone case colors, the popularity of newer devices with bright, vibrant colors may have led the tech giant to diversify its own color offerings. According to AppleInsider, the new iPhone 5s may also come in a gold-and-white edition. This model would make for a classy variation sure to please more discriminating smartphone owners.

Apple has been cutting prices on its 4, 4S, and 5 models all summer. The question now is whether the new iPhone 5s is worth the wait. In view of the better performance, camera efficiency, and security of the iPhone 5s, it would seem the release date can’t get here quickly enough.

Image courtesy of Flickr/Alex Kormis




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