Facebook Shared Photo Album Feature Debuts

Sharing photos has been a hallmark of the Facebook experience for much of the company’s existence. One feature that many have been asking for is Facebook shared photo albums. If both you and a friend go on the same skiing trip, there was previously no way to create just one album that could house both your and your friend’s photos. This meant that both users had to create two or more albums for the same event, which was often confusing and resulted in multiple posts of the same photo.

However, the newest feature to hit your news feed, Facebook shared photo albums, will help alleviate this problem and hopefully make uploading, sharing, and organizing photos tied to your social networking presence a whole lot easier.

This new feature allows users to create a photo album and then invite friends to add their own photos. If, for instance, you wanted to post images of said skiing trip, you could enable the Facebook shared photo feature and then invite your friend who was also on the trip to become a “contributor” and add her own pictures to the album.

It is important to note that album owners (those who create the album) have different permissions than those that are just listed as contributors. Owners are the only ones who can delete any photo (contributors can delete their own photo, but not others), and owners can also use a feature enabled by default that requires them to approve submissions to the photo album before they go public. Contributors are only able to add photos, tag photos, and edit descriptions, according to PC Mag. If a contributor posts something out of line, owners can also remove their permissions from the album if need be.

Contributor caps are currently set at a very reasonable 50 users per album. Each contributing user can add up to 200 photos to the album, but there is no overall cap for the album owner. Not surprisingly, individuals who do not own a Facebook account cannot contribute to albums through another service or website.

Currently, Facebook shared photo albums are only available in the US, but an international release for this feature is planned for the near future. This newest feature joins the implementation of other updates introduced in summer 2013, including a change to the “news feed” display algorithm and the introduction of Twitter-style hashtags.

Image courtesy of Flickr