The Apple rumors continue to fly even after the debut of the new iPhones last week. This week it looks like new Apple products will be heading to both Virgin Mobile and Staples online stores early next month. Also, in this report is the rumored arrival of a gold iPad Mini 2 coming in October. Last but not least we take a look at the recent Apple TV update, an iOS 7 security fix and the new iMac models, just released by Apple.

Top Apple Rumors and News This Week

Apple Releases All New iMacs To Their Desktop Lineup

Apple just released a refresh to their iMac lineup last week with all new models. The latest iMac features an Intel Core i5 processor, as well as new Iris Pro graphics, which are 40% faster than the previous generation iMac’s graphics. The new iMac will also be available with an optional 3.4GHz Core i5 Haswell processor, and NVIDIA GeForce 700 series graphics with 4GB of dedicated memory. Prices for both the base and the upscale model are holding steady at their current levels ($1,299 and $1,799, respectively), but of course for a custom iMac, prices may vary depending on what upgrades are selected; for example, online customers can upgrade to an i7 processor and get up to a massive 32 GB of RAM, if they don’t mind paying a little more. The new iMac is currently available for purchase online and should be rolling out to physical retailers in the coming days.

iPhone 5S and 5C Lands On Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile has just announced that it will carry both the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C starting October 1st. Both devices will be available on its prepaid “Beyond Talk” plans, which start at only $35 per month. As for the cost of the actual devices, owners will have to pay full retail as prepaid carriers do not offer 2-year contract pricing (subsidy). The iPhone 5C starts at $549 for the 16Gb model, and the iPhone 5S starts at $649 for the 16Gb model. All colors and size options will be available from the carrier starting October 1st.

iPad Mini 2 To Come In Gold Color Option

gold ipad

(image courtesy of

Rumor: The next version of the iPad mini is said to come in a gold color option like the current iPhone 5S. The rumors come from the somewhat accurate French site, who have reported authentic image leaks from Chinese language website ZOL.

Fact: With all the rage and hype with the current iPhone 5S in gold, I would’nt be too shocked to see this color head to the iPad. If Apple were to follow an iPhone type model, the iPad mini 2 could come in bright colors like the iPhone 5C. This would mean that the full sized iPad 5 would get the gold color option much like the iPhone 5S. Apple may want to reserve gold for their flagship products only. Gold iMac anybody? Yes please!

Staples Online Store To Sell Apple Products

It looks like Apple and Staples have agreed to a deal to sell various iPad and iPod models on the Staples online store in the U.S. The proposed deal has Staples selling both the iPad and the iPod on its website starting as early as October 1st. if the program winds up being successful, they could see its brick-and-mortar stores selling iPads and iPods by early 2014, according to reports. Staples will most likely look to cross-sell these devices to the thousands of business accounts they already have established across the country.

MLS and More Disney Channels Arrive On The Apple TV

The recent Apple TV 6.0 update, which was re-released this week, brings new channels (Apps) to the tiny black set-top box. Major League Soccer (MLS) channel has been added, which will give you full access to games, highlights and MLS insider preview shows. Access to the channel does require a paid subscription, however, and local games are scheduled to “Blackout.” Besides MLS, Apple has added the Disney Junior channel targeted at kids ages 3 to 9. The 6.0 also brings an easier setup process which will now grab the WiFi SSID and password from your iPhone or iPad and automatically set itself up on your home network (iOS 7 required).

iOS 7.0.2 brings new Fix For Lock Screen Bug

ios 7.0.2

(image courtesy of NDTV)

Apple has sent out a new update for iOS 7, which fixes a security flaw where the lock screen could be bypassed without a code. The security bug reportedly allowed anyone to bypass the lock screen pass-code and access sensitive information stored in photos, Twitter, email and more. The update also brings back the Greek keyboard option which was apparently missing in iOS 7 at launch. Version 7.0.2 is available for download and as an over-the-air (OTA) update for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.




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