Lately, consumers have found Apple in the news a lot, with the company’s new set of colorful iPhones and metro-style iOS 7. Now the tech giant has released Apple OS X Mavericks Golden Master to developers, as reported by CNET. The Golden Master version of Mavericks, also known as OS X 10.9, is the same version that Apple will soon release to the public. Although the company has not yet provided media with a date for a public release, it is expected to drop at some point this October.

The Countdown to Launch
Golden Master was released to developers late Thursday, October 3, 2013, alongside the companion Xcode 5.0.1, an Apple-developed software development suite that allows users to build apps for iOS. Apple initially intended to deliver the new version of Mavericks to the public in September of this year. However, that has been pushed back in favor of a date that may coincide with the release of a new Mac Pro.

Improvements Over OS X 10.8
Mashable provides details about what consumers can expect from the new operating system. Three features of Apple OS X Mavericks Golden Master will stand out from the pack: Finder, Apple’s search function, will have its own tabs; users can tag files, folders, and documents for better organization; and users can use multiple displays with Airplay, Apple’s multimedia suite that provides wireless streaming of audio, video, and photos.

Beyond the Upfront Features
Developers aggressively grasp at the chance to have new pieces of software in their hands, and consumers constantly desire to upgrade their devices with the newest tech. Yet, when one considers why the public will want Apple’s latest creation, the answer may come from a place beyond Mavericks’ most publicized features.

Two unspoken features that each new version of OS X will provide is a clearer sense of organization and increased ease of use. Users want clear direction using applications and navigating through their desktops. Developers want application development tools at the ready, not inaccessible and hidden behind a sea of menus.

With each new version of its operating systems, Apple is making it easier for consumers to use their devices simply. As Mashable points out, the new OS X will increase laptop battery life, improve system notifications, and provide an updated system calendar. Obviously Apple knows that these arguably small improvements, in addition to the more hyped features, make devices easier to use without losing functionality in the process. That is why consumers will sit on edge, waiting for Apple to make Mavericks publicly available.

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