Football fans are hunkering down and preparing for a long, and hopefully successful, season. Whether you casually glance at the scores on Sunday, religiously devour every game on TV, or make the pilgrimage to your local (or far away) stadium every week, one thing you and the players have no control over is the gameday weather.

Being unprepared for bad weather can ruin a Sunday. It can washout an afternoon of tailgating, cause the normally reliable hands of your fantasy football receiver to turn slippery, and create choking traffic on the way home from the game. Don’t let poor weather ruin your day. Check out these weather apps and plan your day effectively.

The Weather Channel

This is the granddaddy of all weather apps, coming from one of the leaders in weather prediction and discussion. The Weather Channel app can provide current weather information, including fairly detailed forecasts, as much as 10 days in advance. The app also includes a powerful radar tool, so you can see for yourself just where any storms are brewing. Best of all for football fans, the search feature in this app recognizes landmarks as well as cities or towns, so you only need to enter in the name of your desired stadium to get accurate weather forecasts for your favorite football team. The Weather Channel app is free for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows phones.

Stadium Weather

If you’d prefer ease of use over robust weather information, this app is exactly what you’re looking for. It compiles the basic weather information and simple forecasts for all the major stadiums in the country. All you have to do is select your sport, then the day of the game, and finally your desired match-up. The free version of this app includes a variety of sports, but only the Sunday afternoon games for football, and then only the current weather for the stadium. The paid version includes all football games as well as forecasts for upcoming games. Stadium Weather is available on Google Play for $1.99.


The AccuWeather app won’t give you anything you won’t find in other weather apps, but the intelligent interface layout makes it much easier to use. You can set up several locations (to track different teams each Sunday, for example) and shift between them with just a tap. The app gives you access to current conditions, forecasts, and a host of graphs and charts so you can see the temperature changes by the hour and by the day. The app even includes video forecasts. AccuWeather is free for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows phones.

Yahoo! Weather

If charts and graphs aren’t your thing, Yahoo! Weather may be the app for you. The information isn’t as robust as what is found in other weather apps, but if you just need to know if it’s raining, and don’t need details such as the pollen forecast for the area, this app presents the information gorgeously. The interface is simple to use, is set up in an intuitive manner, and is visually stunning in its use of Flickr-based photographs of the area you specify. Like other weather apps, you can set up multiple locations and can quickly change between them, ensuring you’ll know the gameday weather for all your favorite football teams. Yahoo! Weather is free for iPhone and Android devices.

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