Rumors have been swirling about a Samsung flexible phone ever since the mobile giant revealed new flexible screen technology at an event several months ago. However, if a new report out of Korea is to be believed, Samsung will be unveiling the first device to utilize such technology at an event later this week.

According to CNET, the new device will be known as the Galaxy Round and will have specs similar to the Galaxy Note 3. Though the screen won’t bend and flex, it will have a contoured shape that is designed to fit snugly against a user’s face. Since the screen is made of plastic rather than glass, it will also be more resistant to scratches and cracks.

The Galaxy Round was first hinted at last month when a Samsung executive confirmed that the company was indeed working on a smartphone with a curved, plastic display.

While Samsung seems to be on the fast track to unveiling the world’s first flexible phone display, LG has revealed that they, too, are working on a smartphone with a plastic, flexible display, known currently as the “G-Flex.” However, this device isn’t expected to debut until November 2013.

Aside from specs and design, it is unknown if we’ll learn anything else about the Samsung flexible phone until the rumored event. Pricing in particular may be a detail that emerges after the release. While we may get a release window for the device, it is unlikely that a firm US release date will be announced alongside the product reveal.

The quick announcement of the Samsung Round is certainly surprising, but considering the emphasis that Samsung has put recently on claiming “firsts” in the tech sector (the rushed release of the Galaxy Gear as the world’s first true smartwatch is evidence of this), this new development isn’t completely implausible.

The idea of a Samsung flexible phone sounds interesting. If rumors about the handset containing the same guts as the Note 3 are accurate, then the phone will have to sell itself based on the merits of its new screen alone (especially if the price is being high). We’ll keep you posted on everything that is revealed (and left out).

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