In the latest Apple news, Apple announced they have hired Angela Ahrendts, the current chief executive officer of Burberry, the British luxury fashion house famous for its iconic plaid, as the newest member of its retail division. Ahrendts will reportedly take over as Apple’s senior vice president (a new company role) and will oversee operations both in retail and online stores. Although Ahrendts will reportedly not begin working at Apple until the spring of 2014, the new hire likely will shake up the company as it begins its journey into the next phase of user device development.

Fashion and Functionality

The New York Times reports that Ahrendts is the company’s second big hire from the fashion industry in roughly the past four months. In summer 2013, Apple brought on Paul Deneve, who worked as CEO at the French fashion house Yves Saint Laurent. Deneve now works on “special projects” at Apple and is known for his skill in selling products at premium prices.

Similarly, Ahrendts will use her fashion industry expertise to add flair to Apple’s products. There have been rumors swirling that Apple is developing an Internet-connected watch, a piece that undoubtedly will require a professional designer’s touch.

A Boost for Apple and Its Customers

Apple executives, employees, and customers can expect some interesting developments that Ahrendts may bring to the company. In one swap out, National Public Radio‘s Bill Chappell says Ahrendts will replace John Browett as the head of retail management, a point also confirmed by the Times, which cited Browett’s poorly accepted decision to lower staffing requirements at Apple’s retail stores.

Members of the executive team will likely also see Ahrendts pushing a streamlined design that connects customers with their desired products by way of online and retail shopping. Indeed, Ahrendts will look to make the experience of shopping one that is exciting both for employees and customers alike. While executives work with her to make exciting shopping a reality, employees and customers will experience it firsthand.

Of course, it is the customers who will drive any of Apple’s future success stories, and loyal customers may be lying in wait for immersive experiences Apple is seeking to iffer. And future customers may be drawn to Apple for better methods of shopping, something that Browett perhaps missed during his tenure. Following this Apple news, what else should consumers expect from the incoming executive? In what other ways might she help customers improve their shopping experiences?


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