Will ‘Air’ Give iPad 5 the Golden Touch?

At the October 22, 2013, Apple event, it was confirmed that the next-generation iPad will soon be released and that it will weigh no more than one pound, making it the lightest tablet on the market. While referred to online as the iPad 5 in the days preceding the event, it will actually be called the iPad Air, which is obviously a reference to its lightness and a sleek new outer design, similar to the MacBook Air. But it appears that the iPad Air brings a lot more to the table than just a little weight loss.

Color Schemes

With the success of the golden iPhones that have made their debut this year, it was speculated that a golden color scheme would be an option for the iPad Air; however, International Business Times reports that only two themes will be available: white with silver and space gray with black. But the iPad Air will not hit stores until November 1 of this year, so is still very early on in the life of the young tablet. Could a golden color scheme appear sometime in the future?

More Than Skin Deep

While it retains the same dimensions as previous iterations of the series, the iPad Air has been redesigned to look more like the iPad Mini than the traditional iPad. This redesign, which includes symmetrical speaker grilles and thin side bezels, is what allows the iPad Air to weigh in at only one pound. But despite the alterations to the body, the new iPad will still pack all the hardware will be expected of it, as well as a few surprises.

The iPad Air will be outfitted with the new A7 chip, which is the same one found powering the iPhone 5s. The new release will also have faster WiFi capabilities, as well as more LTE bands on the advanced model. The cameras have also been upgraded from the iPad 4 to now include 1080p HD video on the front-facing FaceTime HD camera and an increased pixel size on the 5 megapixel back-mounted camera.

The iPad Air will be priced at $499 for the most basic model, reaching up to $929 for the more optimized versions. What do you think of  the latest iPad? Do you like the name “iPad Air” over “iPad 5”? Most importantly: will you be waiting in line for one on November 1?


Image courtesy of Flickr