If you love to post pictures using the social networking service Instagram, then it looks like you’re in good company. A new study from The Pew Research Center finds that the Instagram app for iPhone and Android is the among the most popular mobile apps in the world, installed on a whopping 18 percent of mobile phones. 

Image-messaging service Snapchat is becoming a dominating force in the mobile world as well, according to the study, and is used by 9 percent of mobile phone owners. Interestingly, the report had no mention of Vine, Twitter’s micro-video-sharing service, which recently passed the 40 million user mark. As of September 2013, Instagram lead the pack with over 150 million accounts.

Content Creators vs. Content Sharers 

According to the study, 54 percent of Internet users have posted original photos or videos to websites (up from 46 percent last year), and 47 percent share photos or videos they found elsewhere online (up from 41 percent last year).

The Pew study reveals that the majority of mobile content creators and sharers are women and young adults. In fact, young adults seem to be propelling the growth of the Instagram app for iPhone and Android, with 43 percent of respondents between 18 and 29 saying they use the service. 

When Instagram users self-identify as “totally addicted” you might automatically brush off the notion as hyperbolic, but the data from this study actually backs up that claim, with more than half of respondents saying they posted to the service at least once a week, and almost one quarter (24%) saying they posted content with Instagram several times a day. 

The Disparity Between Photo and Video Creation and Sharing 

How often do you share a video you made, versus one you found from another YouTube user? According to the study, you are probably doing more of the latter — just 26 percent of internet users post videos they have created themselves, while 36 percent share videos created by other people.

When it comes to photos, the reverse is true: 52 percent post their own photos and 42 percent share images created by other people. Though you’ve likely seen plenty of image macros and memes flash across your social network of choice, it seems selfies, cat pictures and images of precocious toddlers still rule the social scene. 

Do you create content with Instagram or Snapchat, or are you more of a “curator,” sharing others’ content across various social networking sites?

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