VSCO Cam: The Camera App of the Future Lands on Android

When it comes to mobile photo editing tools, smartphone users have a broad range of options from which to choose. In June, Visual Supply Co. (VSCO) strengthened its grip on this space by relaunching its on-the-go image editor, VSCO Cam, as a free iOS app. Now, the wildly successful camera app has made its way to the rival Android platform.

After months of private beta testing, VSCO Cam is finally available for Android in the Google Play store, according to Phandroid. This handy application has quickly become a favorite of professionals and casual photographers alike. As The Verge reports, the app racked up more than one million downloads within its first week of availability and has been lighting up the App Store charts since. 

Today’s marketplace is full of camera apps that let photographers spruce up their photos with cool effects. VSCO Cam goes beyond the basics by incorporating a plethora of filters, or as the company calls them, “presets,” from its robust VSCO Film portfolio. In addition to the advanced editing tools, photographers can use these filters to jazz up their pictures with classic film effects that accommodate specific scenarios. For example, the “M” series, which offers a subtle fade, accentuates shots of natural and urban landscapes, while the “C” series or “Vibrant Classic” pack, offers a color boost for dynamic images and photos that need a nice warmth. 

“VSCO is the company coming closest to replicating the look of film without making it gimmicky,” MetaLab Designer William Wilkinson told The Verge.

User-Friendly Design

While its feature set is geared for veteran photographers, VSCO Cam’s simple design keeps the enthusiastic novice in mind. The user can tap the display to focus their shot and tweak the exposure, then tap the camera icon when they’re ready to take the picture. The main menu, which is located at the bottom of the screen, can be accessed with a quick swipe from left to right. Opening this menu unveils an array of options that allow the user to easily edit, share, and delete images.

Plenty of Editing Tools

The mass appeal of VSCO Cam lies in its rich photo-editing capabilities. The user can access an arsenal of editing tools and built-in filters by tapping the editing icon at the bottom of the display. These tools control things such as contrast, brightness, saturation, shadows, skin tone, and temperature. Images can be optimized before or after presets have been applied. 

All the iOS Fixings

Whether or not VSCO Cam is the best camera app on the market is debatable. What can’t be questioned is the great value it offers to users. Android fans now have access to a robust mobile photography package that comes bundled with 10 free presets and an abundance of editing tools, with additional filters and tools available for purchase in the Google Play store. Also included free in the Android package is the VSCO Grid, a web-based gallery that lets the user upload, sort, and share their images online. 

VSCO Cam has had a tremendous 2013. Is this camera app setting the tone that others will follow?

Image courtesy of Flickr