It’s finally time to get grandma and grandpa out of 1955 Hill Valley by gifting them a proper cell phone. But where do you start? With the majority of seniors just wanting to make and answer calls and perhaps some texting, smartphones are probably out of the picture. Your best bet is finding a phone that is easy to use, sports big buttons and has great battery life.

Here are my 5 Best Cell Phones For Seniors that make the absolute perfect holiday gift:

5. Nokia 100


(image courtesy of Nokia)

This simple GSM (AT&T & T-Mobile) unlocked dual-band bar phone features an easy to use keypad with predictive text input for fast texting. FM radio is on board for “gramps” to listen to all his favorite AM radio too. This 70g plastic phone is durable, lightweight, and affordable. Price: $30 @Staples

4. Samsung Gusto 2

samsung gusto

(image courtesy of Samsung)

This solid flip phone from Samsung and Verizon features simplified menus and nice big keys. Many seniors prefer flip phones as they can answer calls by just opening the phone. The Gusto 2 also features enhanced social network support so they can upload camera shots from the 1.3Mp on board camera. Price: FREE (w/2yr deal) or $149 (month to month) @Verizon Wireless

3. Alcatel 382G “The Big Easy”

alcatel tracfone

(image courtesy of TracFone)

The 382G from Alcaltel and TracFone is in fact the easiest to use of the bunch. The 328g phone sports massive buttons, speakerphone, and caller ID, while TracFone has also thrown in double minutes for life. If your grandparents have been avoiding a cell phone like the 14th century black plague, this might be the phone to get them. Price: $30 @TracFone

2. Emporia CLICKplus V32

click plus v32

(image courtesy of Emporia)

If your grandparents are the stylish type, an ugly block phone could come as more of an insult than a kind gesture. Enter Emporia. This German company produces some of the best looking feature phones on the market. With an elegant and modern style, Emporia phones tend to look more expensive than they actually cost. The ClickPlus V32 is GSM unlocked flip phone that features an easy to use keypad, bright color display, and a stunning design. Price: $80 @PureTalk USA

1. The Jitterbug Plus


(image courtesy of Jitterbug)

The world’s most famous phone for seniors from GreatCall wireless is back with their Plus version. The first Jitterbug launched back in 2006 and has been one of best selling senior phones on the market. GreatCall offers low cost plans along with 5Star Urgent Response. Simply press “5″ and  the star key on your Jitterbug keypad and you’ll connect immediately to a Response Agent, who will quickly identify you and track your location with GPS technology. Overall this is one of the best cell phones for seniors and for others who need 24/7 urgent care monitoring. Price: $99 @GreatCall


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