Curved Touch Displays for iPhones in the Works

According to speculation surrounding a new patent filing, Apple is looking into adopting curved touch displays for its flagship iPhone as well as an upcoming smartwatch. Apple Insider reports that the patent details a manufacturing technique that is different from those currently employed by Samsung and LG, designed to create a curved touch surface that is more accurate and durable than those produced by other companies. The patent also indicates that the technology used for Apple’s take on the curved display could be applied to create wavelike patterns, which is certainly interesting if not entirely practical. 

A Curved iPhone in 2014?

Though Apple may not be able to claim that it was the first to develop a curved display, the mobile giant is likely working on a display that features more precision than those of its competitors. Reports surfaced several weeks ago through outlets such as Bloomberg that Apple was considering making a device with a curved display for a possible 2014 launch, and this new patent filing seems to all but confirm these rumors.

What advantage could a curved display really give Apple in a marketplace that hasn’t had a chance to fully respond to the idea of a curved display? For one thing, the patent hints that the curve will be along the side edges, resulting in a device that is easier to hold than the traditional angular, candy-bar-style iPhone users have come to know. Apple may also capitalize by enhancing the accuracy of its touch display, as the patent details a screen that is not only touch-sensitive but pressure-sensitive as well. 

Around the Curve

Though a curved iPhone is certainly a tantalizing prospect, there are numerous possibilities for this technology in other devices. According to the patent filing, these pressure- and touch-sensitive curved displays could be used in devices such as a “track pad, touch mouse, touch screen, or any other touch-sensitive surface.” Though a curved iPad may not be in the works immediately, if a curved iPhone does indeed become a reality and consumers respond to the device’s new form, we may see even more shapely gadgets from Apple that use this technology in the future. 

As usual, Apple has not commented on this patent filing, and there’s no official word about when or if the next iPhone will use this technology. However, with the curved display trend ramping up, and with companies such as Samsung and LG preparing curved devices for launch in the U.S. in 2014, it seems likely that Apple will join the fray with its own unique spin on curved touch displays. 

Would you be interested in buying a curved version of the iPhone? 

Image courtesy of Flickr