If you’re looking for that perfect tech gift for junior without shelling out the cash on a smartphone or tablet, I have just the thing. Let’s try to remember that not all kids are ready for an iPad, iPhone, PS4 or Xbox One; but that doesn’t mean you can’t get them a good tech gift.

The fact is that kids still love getting toys, and giving them a top tech toy could be your best bet. From remote control cars, walking robots and learning gadgets, my top tech toys for tots has everybody in the house covered.

Maisto Rock Crawler Extreme Remote Controlled Vehicle

remote car

(image courtesy of Maisto)

This off-road rugged racer is the perfect gift for the adventurous speed demon in your family. This off-road radio control car boasts articulated suspensions, three motors and low gearing to make for awesome, rugged off-road action. Full function features include right/left steering and forward/reverse operation. The Tri-channel transmitter allows three people to play at the same time if they have their own Maisto R/C vehicles. Requires 6 AA batteries for the car and 2 AAA batteries for the controller. tear up the street and beyond for only $29.99 @Target

VTech KidiJamz Studio


(image courtesy of VTech)

If your little one is the aspiring musician or DJ, VTech has the perfect fix. The KidiJamz Studio is an interactive music station that lets kids record their own songs and music and play it back on a detachable music player. The KidiJamz Studio makes music mixing a snap with 20-kid friendly tunes. To find their own beat, kids can choose from ten different musical instrument sounds, five musical styles, and three rhythm buttons. Make sure you also grab some noise canceling headphone for yourself as they will have the house rocking in no time at all. $40 @Kohls

LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra Kids’ Learning Tablet

leappad ultra

(image courtesy of LeapFrog)

If they are not ready for a full blown tablet yet, the learning tablet from Leapfrog is the next best thing. The tablet has rubber-covered bumpers, which protects it from drops and dents. The Ultra has a 7-inch, 1,024 x 600 touchscreen display that works with a stylus to help kids learn to write. The real delight of the Ultra comes with all the educational apps offered by LeapFrog. The LeapPad features access to over 800 apps that help your child learn vocabulary, creative thinking, social skills, reading and writing. $149 @Amazon

Hero RC H911 iRocket 4 Channel Remote Helicopter


(image courtesy of Hero RC)

Turn junior into Airwolf with this warbird edition chopper from Hero RC. The H11 is designed for both indoor and outdoor use and is built from composite plastic materials providing lightweight and durability. Novice pilots will appreciate the durability as the chopper should survive minor crashes and drops. This high quality remote controlled helicopter comes equipped with a 2.4ghz transmitter with an LCD screen, which provides the pilot with trim information. The H911 offers a great bang for the buck and is considered one of the best starter choppers on the market.$45 @Xhelli

Uncle Milton Rainbow In My Room


(image courtesy of Uncle Milton)

Look a double rainbow ! No really! This unique rainbow projector from Uncle Milton (whoever he is), will have your kids jaw dropping in seconds. This cool tech toy projects rainbows across the walls and ceiling in your room of choice with a simple wave of the hand. Uncle Milton also has other projectors such as Earth, Moon, Mars and Solar System “in my room” models if rainbows are’nt your thing. $30 @UncleMilton

Zoomer The Robot Dog


(image courtesy of ZoomerPup)

One of the top tech toys this holiday season has to be Zoomer. Zoomer is the perfect “starter pet” to teach kids how to care for pets before they actually get a real one. This smart dog actually learns the more your child plays with him which is very cool. Your child can call his name, teach him tricks and watch how excited he gets over a good belly scratch. Zoomer is also multilingual as he can take commands in English, Français, y Español. This little electronic dog-bot is sold out across the web, so check your local stores (Wal-Mart, Target, Toysrus) for inventory. $80

image- flikr